3 days 15 hours

Director of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), Ivan Scekic and Director General of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), Raúl Medina Caballero had a conversation in Brussels with multiple topics from this area.

The collocutors exchanged opinions on current situation and development of air transport, as well as on strengthening successful cooperation between Montenegrin Agency and one of the most important organisations.

The Director General of the EUROCONTROL expressed his congratulations regarding the election of the Director of the CAA, noting joint appraisal of significant progress of the State in the area of civil aviation, such as introduction of Free Route Airspace and datalink service.

Scekic pointed out results of numerous... OPŠIRNIJE

1 week 4 days

Council of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) unanimously elected Ivan Šćekić as the Director of the Agency with four-year term of office.

That was decided on 23 May 2024, following the public competition and procedure that was conducted in accordance with the Law on Air Transport.

The line Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs provided its consent to the decision.

Šćekić holds an MSc in Air Transport and Traffic Engineering.

Apart from professional references, he has a significant experience in this area and he is very well familiar with activities of the civil aviation authority both on national and international level.

The newly elected director was head of Air Navigation Safety division in the Agency, and the results acknowledged by... OPŠIRNIJE

2 weeks 4 days

In the period from 27 May to 31 May 2024, representatives of the European Commission (EC) conducted assessment of civil aviation security system in Montenegro, with the objective to verify that Montenegrin civil aviation security standards are equivalent to the European civil aviation security standards, within “One Stop Security” programme.

Tivat airport and Podgorica airport were subjects of the assessment, and through the EC control all activities and measures applied by the airport operator and other entities involved in air transport within the civil aviation security system of Montenegro were taken into consideration. Likewise, the EC inspectors performed control of compliance of national regulations to the European legislation in area of civil aviation security, namely as... OPŠIRNIJE