Air Operation


Application for an Air Operator Certificate

Application for Acceptance or Substitution of Postholder (Form 4)

Application for LVO Approval

Request Form for Approving Cabin Crew Training Programmes

Application for ETOPS Approval

Application for approval or revision of a Minimum Equipment List - MEL

Application for an Air Carrier Operating Licence

Application for approval of PBN operations

Application for RVSM approval

Application for exemption used when granting exemptions according to ICAO Annex 18

Application for a Lease Approval

Statement on Subpart D - CAT.IDE - Aeroplanes

Statement on Subpart D - CAT.IDE - Helicopters

Statement on Subpart D - NCC.IDE - Aeroplanes

Statement on Subpart D - NCC.IDE - Helicopters

Operations Manual Compliance Statement

List of AOC holder changes requiring approval from CAA

Notice of Proposed Revision / Amendment (NPRA)

Application for Approval of Aerial Work Operations Performed by Foreign Operators in the Montenegro

Application Form for Aircraft Off Airfield Landing Site Operations Approval

Application for Airshow Approval

Declaration on Air Operations

Notification of AOC operator on Code-share contracts

Unmanned Aerial Systems:

Declaration in accordance with Ordinance for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Application for approval of Unmanned Aerial Systems Operations

Application for theoretical exam for Unmanned Aerial System pilot

Application for flight approval of unmanned aircraft or aircraft model within CTR Podgorica/CTR Tivat


AOC First Certification - Guidance Material

Occurrence reporting


Accident or Serious Incident Report – submitted to the Investigation Commision of Accident and Serious Incidents of Aircraft and to the Agency,

Mandatory Occurrence Report – submitted to the Agency,

Voluntary Occurrence Report – submitted to the Agency,

Bird strike and Wildlife Hazard Occurrence Report  – submitted to the Agency,

Dangerous Goods Occurrence Report – submitted to the Agency.


Guidance material on Regulation (EU) no 376/2014 on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation