2 days 15 hours

The regional cooperation of aviation authorities is at favoured level, and its intensification is particularly important for faster development in this area.

That is the evaluation of the directors of institutions competent for civil aviation in the States of the region, which has been provided just before today meeting of the ECAA Joint Committee on the establishment of a European Common Aviation Area that is taking place in Podgorica.

Director of the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), Ivan Scekic hosted on 18 June this year Filip Cornelis, Director for Aviation – European Commission DG MOVE and colleagues from the agencies / directorates for civil aviation of the Republic of Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

The collocutors talked,... OPŠIRNIJE

2 days 15 hours

Podgorica is hosting this year working meeting of the heads of aviation authorities, since the ECAA Agreement Joint Committee is taking place this week.

Montenegro is one of signatories of the ECAA Agreement – Multilateral Agreement on the establishment of a European Common Aviation Area, and Joint Committee is a body in charge for its implementation and for enabling regular application.

The European Commission (EC) and the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) jointly organised the 3rd meeting of this important committee on 19 and 20 June 2024.

The Agreement is an important element in procedure of enlargement of the European Union (EU) and it is considered to be powerful asset for economic development of States.

The meeting is participated by the States signatories,... OPŠIRNIJE

3 days 13 hours

The Civil Aviation Agency (CAA) continues strengthening safety culture also through organising workshops that are of importance for improvement of knowledge and skills.

The “Mass & Balance workshop” took place on 13 and 14 June this year, and it was provided by the expert from the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Zlatko Sirac.

Participants are introduced with influence that M&B has on stability and manoeuvrability of aircraft, methods of calculation of aircraft centre of mass, operational envelope of allowed position of aircraft centre of mass, as well as oversight of aircraft operator M&B system.

Apart from the representatives of aircraft operators from Montenegro, this significant workshop was participated by representatives of the Civil Aviation... OPŠIRNIJE