2 months 1 week

The Civil Aviation Agency organised the workshop about Regulation on conditions for safely operating unmanned aircraft systems, for operators and pilots of unmanned aircraft on 5 December 2023 in Podgorica.

Presenters engaged, apart from the Civil Aviation Agency representatives, were:

Damir Bezik, inspector and head of the unmanned aircraft systems department of the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency

Ivan Kovacevic, unmanned aircraft systems operator in the Republic of Croatia,

Boris Markovic, operator and person that privately constructs unmanned aircraft in Montenegro and

Dragan Trifunovic, unmanned aircraft systems operator in Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia.

The workshop was participated by over 50 operators and pilots of unmanned... OPŠIRNIJE

2 months 3 weeks

On 28 November 2023 in Brussels, at the EUROCONTROL headquarters, the Acting Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, Mileta Nikolic, signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Director of the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, Mirjana Cizmarov, with the objective of mutual recognition of aviation security measures for One Stop Security programme, as well as the Protocol on Oversight Functions and Duties.

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding, that took place in presence of the Director General of the EUROCONTROL, Raul Medina Caballero, ensures that Montenegro and the Republic of Serbia can exempt from further control at Podgorica Airport and at Tivat Airport, as well as at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, transfer passengers and their... OPŠIRNIJE

4 months 3 hours

Occurrence Report for 2022 was adopted.

In 2022, in Montenegro, a total of 351 occurrences were reported in Montenegrin airspace and abroad involving aircraft registered in Montenegro, in civil aviation, one of which was classified as an accident, and related to paraglider operations, it was concluded in the Annual Occurrence Report for 2022, adopted by the Civil Aviation Agency. The goal of this report is to improve air traffic safety, determine the circumstances and causes of the occurrences, as well as to promote measures for prevention of recurrences of importance to safety.

During 2022, there was a recovery in the level of air traffic over the territory of Montenegro and Serbia (the airspace in which SMATSA llc... OPŠIRNIJE