2012/001 - Issuance of approvals of aerial work operations performed by foreign aircraft operators (Revision 3, published on 29 September 2017)

2013/009 - Order determining the requirements related to assessments of aircraft and components and resources thereof (Revision 2, published on 03 April 2015)

2014/002 - Safety risk assessments prior to planned operations in airspace or to/from aerodromes which may be contaminated by volcanic ash (Revision 0, published on 24 July 2014)

2014/003 - Requierements for operators of aircraft when used in police and customs activities, search and rescue operations, fire protection, coast guard and similar operations (Revision 1, published on 28 January 2015)

2016/001 - Laying down conditions and manners of instrallation, marking and maintenance of aeronautical obstacles outside the obstacle limitations surfaces (Revision 1, published on 06 November 2019)

2016/002 - Requirements for Instrument flight procedure (IFP) process, for flight procedures to be implemented in airspace of Montenegro, as well as the requirements for the flight procedure designer training (Revision 0, published on 02 November 2016)

2016/003 - Requirements for usage of Sky lanters (Revision 0, published on 29 December 2016)

2017/001 - Requirements for use of unmanned aircraft systems and aircraft models within CTR Podgorica and CTR Tivat (Revision 2, published on 26 November 2019)

2017/002 - Implementation of airworthiness directives for products, parts and appliances designed in countries not members of EASA (Revision 1, published on 10 July 2019)

2018-001 - Approval for use of aircraft not holding type certificate (Revision 0, published on 22 March 2018)

2018-002 - Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics (Revision 0, published on 15 June 2018)

2019/001 - Requirements for establishment, maintenance and operation of search and rescue services in Montenegro and over the high sea and to the coordination of such services between States (Revision 0, published on 17 January 2019)