Flight approval

Airlines may contact with request at the following contacts:

E-mail: flightapproval@caa.me
Fax: +382 20 625 517
Contact phone: +382 20 625 521
Mobile phone: +382 67 655 512

Regulation on conditions and the procedure of issuing flight approvals to foreign aircraft in the airspace of Montenegro (“Official Gazette of Montenegro” No 73/2017)

Decision on establishing the lists of air carriers which are subject to an operating ban within the airspace of Montenegro (the Decision was published on 05  December 2022)

Civil Aviation Agency has prepared Safety briefings for international airports in Montenegro in collaboration with various organisations. They are intended to draw to commercial and private pilots’ the main threats related to these airports and their aeronautical context, and we would like to encourage you to use these documents before operating on these airports. Please note that they cannot and should not replace the reference aeronautical information contained in the AIP, AIP supp, AIC and NOTAM.

Podgorica Airport LYPG - Safety briefing

Tivat Airport LYTV - Safety briefing

Application for issuing approval to the foreign Civil Aircraft / Aircraft Operator for conducting commercial air transport

Needed documents:

  1. Air Operator Certificate (AOC) or other appropriate certificate of qualification for conducting commercial air transport with operations specifications;
  2. Operating License, if any;
  3. TCO approval, if any;
  4. Insurance Certificate against damage caused to passengers, luggage, cargo, mail, and third parties;
  5. Aircraft Registration Certificate for all aircraft for which the request is submitted;
  6. Airworthiness Certificate for all aircraft for which the request is submitted;
  7. Airworthiness Review Certificate for all aircraft for which the request is submitted;
  8. Noise Aircraft Certificate for all aircraft for which the request is submitted;
  9. Aircraft Radio Station license, for all aircraft for which the request is submitted;
  10. Air Charter Agreement/Contract;
  11. Aircraft Lease Contract, if the leased aircraft is used for commercial air traffic;
  12. Contract on the transfer of supervisory rights and obligations between the State register and the State of the air carrier, if the use of the aircraft includes the transfer of supervisory rights and obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation;
  13. The approval of the Public administrative body responsible for defense affairs, for the provision of aerial work services for the purpose of shooting the territory of Montenegro;
  14. Civil Aviation Security Programme, to verify compliance with National Civil Aviation Security Program and other regulations from civil aviation area, with the act approving that programme;
  15. a list of the persons to be deported if a request for approval to perform non-scheduled services is submitted in order to deport citizens from Montenegro;
  16. Approval by the State of the air carrier verifying that a particular air carrier is designated to perform scheduled services, if Montenegro concluded a bilateral Air Service Agreement with that State;
  17. Statement of agreement of all air carriers of Montenegro, if an approval is requested for operation between two foreign States, and if that carriage has begun or ended in the State of registry of that air carrier or if that carriage does not include take-off or landing in the State of registry, unless a traffic right is determined by concluded international agreement (fifth and seventh freedom);
  18. Other documentation, if no TCO approval has been provided and if it is determined that aviation safety and security standards are not in accordance with the prescribed ones.


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