Aviation Security

Aviation Security Department shall perform oversight activities related to air transport security, consisted of set of measures, human and material resources for safeguarding air transport against acts of unlawful interference; direct oversight activities and responsive measures, and in particular the activities related to proposing adoption of regulations, programs and procedures for prevention of acts of unlawful interference, in cooperation with relevant authorities and in coordination with security authorities, National Air Traffic Security Committee, Local Air Traffic Security Committees, aerodromes and air operators, and coordination and cooperation with international organizations within this area; involvement in proposal of providing the security equipment, material and technical resources for security of air transport, and analysing actual and potential threats for civil aviation security and taking measures for the purpose of the threats prevention.

Lists of regulated agencies, known consignors and regulated suppliers for in flight supplies may be found here.

List of approved - certified civil aviation security instructors (updated on July 2023)

List of prohibited articles in cabin and hold baggage

List of prohibited articles for persons other than passangers