7 months 3 days

Occurrence Report for 2022 was adopted.

In 2022, in Montenegro, a total of 351 occurrences were reported in Montenegrin airspace and abroad involving aircraft registered in Montenegro, in civil aviation, one of which was classified as an accident, and related to paraglider operations, it was concluded in the Annual Occurrence Report for 2022, adopted by the Civil Aviation Agency. The goal of this report is to improve air traffic safety, determine the circumstances and causes of the occurrences, as well as to promote measures for prevention of recurrences of importance to safety.

During 2022, there was a recovery in the level of air traffic over the territory of Montenegro and Serbia (the airspace in which SMATSA llc... OPŠIRNIJE

7 months 3 weeks

Four-member team of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conducted the audit of compliance of aviation security (AVSEC) and air transport facilitation (FAL) systems in the period between 19 and 29 September.

Preliminary results were presented to the Civil Aviation Agency on the final day of the audit, and they show very high level of compliance in field of security with ICAO standards, which is just another verification and proof that the system of civil aviation security in Montenegro is at very high level.

The ICAO, specialized United Nations organization, whose role is to create and modernise standards and recommendations in international aviation, for the purpose of providing secure, efficient and organised development of aviation, makes no differences... OPŠIRNIJE

10 months 3 days

The workshop from the area of Operational Air Traffic (OAT) was held in premises of the Civil Aviation Agency, on 26 July 2023. The workshop was organised in cooperation with the EUROCONTROL (The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), within Support to States Programme for the EUROCONTROL Member States.

The EUROCONTROL experts with rich experience, Goran Redzepovic (Civil–military expert) and Olivier Mrowicki (Programme Manager ASM/ATS/ATFCM Procedures), were the lecturers at this very important and useful workshop.

Apart from representatives of the Civil Aviation Agency, the workshop was also participated by representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc and National... OPŠIRNIJE