1 year 8 months

The 41st Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is held every three years, is taking place in Montreal, Canada, in time period between 27 September and 07 October 2022, and it is attended by more than 3000 representatives from 193 ICAO member states.


ICAO is a United Nations specialised agency, established in 1944 to develop and modernise international aviation standards and recommendations, in order to ensure secure, efficient and governed development of aviation.


Montenegro became ICAO member state in 2007.


As a global forum for cooperation between states, ICAO sets standards for secure and safe development of international civil aviation. ICAO activities are based on accomplishing the vision of safe,... OPŠIRNIJE

1 year 9 months

„Support Compliance Monitoring System review and update" workshop was held in the premises of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro in the period between 19 September and 23 September 2022. The workshop was organised within EASA IPA 5 project.

It is important to emphasise that an explicit requirement EASA is to have particular function or system for compliance monitoring established within the aviation authority, that will monitor compliance of relevant requirements from the implementation rules, as well as compliance and efficiency of internal civil aviation procedures.

The purpose of compliance monitoring system is to identify potential non-compliances in operation of aviation authorities, that might have impairing consequences on civil aviation safety and security of... OPŠIRNIJE

1 year 9 months

ATM Cyber Security workshop was held in the premises of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro in the period between 13 September and 15 September 2022.  The workshop was organised in cooperation with the EUROCONTROL (the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), within the EUROCONTROL programme Support to States.

Within the three-day workshop, many topics that referred to civil aviation security and cyber-security were presented, and the following should be noted:

condition and future development of cyber-security and protection in area of air traffic management (ATM) at the world and the European level;

cyber-threats in air transport with the civil aviation specificities;

Montenegro civil aviation security and cyber-security;