Search and Rescue

1. Responsibility for civil aeronautical and maritime SAR policy rests with the MoI (Ministry of Interior) and MoT (Ministry of Maritime affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications). As such, the MoI and MoT is responsible for setting the criteria for and assessing the adequacy of Montenegro in civil aeronautical and maritime SAR resources, responses and co-ordination.

2. MoI has established and maintained the Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre (ARCC) for the operation of civil aeronautical SAR.

3. The ARCC based in Podgorica, exists to assist in the saving of life through the efficient co-ordination of information and assets. Working closely with the Police and Ambulance Authorities, the ARCC provides SAR helicopter and mountain rescue team assistance for a range of incidents Montenegro wide. The ARCC operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ready to task SAR assets in the saving of life within Montenegro Search and Rescue Region (SRR)

4. The ARCC is also SPOC (Single Point of Contact) of the international COSPAS-SARSAT satellite aided tracking system. The satellites relay distress alerts from maritime, aeronautical and land-base emergency beacons to a network of ground stations and ultimately to the ITMCC (Italian MCC Bari). The ITMCC processes the distress message and alerts the SAR single point of contact within the SRR where the distress position is located.

5. MoT provides a response and co-ordination service for maritime SAR. The SAR role is undertaken by (MRCC), Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (part of the Maritime Safety Department), which is responsible for the initiation and co-ordination of civil maritime SAR. This include the mobilisation, organisation and tasking of adequate resources to respond to persons in distress at sea.

6. MoD (Ministry of Defence) under an agreement, has responsibility for providing facilities through the Air-Base, for the co-ordination of civil aeronautical and maritime response.

7. The responsibility for the co-ordination of land-based and inland waters SAR rests beside above mentioned institutions with the Police Directorate and is derived from their duty to protect life and property.

8. A number of groups, public or private and voluntary organizations are dedicated to SAR also play a significant role.T hese authorities and organizations are committed to a cohesive and co-operative partnership, the aim of which is the continued provision of an effective national SAR capability.

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