Notice for operators of unmanned aircraft systems

The Civil Aviation Agency adopted new Regulation on conditions for safe use of unmanned aircraft systems. This Regulation defines conditions for safe use of unmanned aircraft systems in Montenegro, as well as conditions that the personnel must comply with, including operators of unmanned aircraft systems and organisations involved in operations of unmanned aircraft systems.

The Regulation shall apply as of 1 January 2024.

The new Regulation requires, inter alia, registration of unmanned aircraft operators in Montenegro, both the already registered ones and the unregistered ones. The registration is obligation of operators using unmanned aircraft:

-    whose mass is 250g or more,
-    equipped with sensors able to capture personal data,
-    which in the case of an impact can transfer to a human kinetic energy above 80 Joules. 

The operations are categorised into three categories: open (divided into 3 subcategories: A1, A2 and A3), specific and certified category. Requirements regarding the unmanned aircraft, are laid down, proportionate to the risk of performing operations (ex. unmanned aircraft class, maximum take-off mass, privately built unmanned aircraft, etc.), as well as remote pilot competition (trainings, examinations, self-practical trainings, additional theoretical knowledge examinations…).

Pilots must complete online training course and pass online theoretical knowledge examination, whereas the area and criteria of trainings and exams differ depending on category of operation.

Unmanned aircraft without CE marking placed on market before 1 January 2024 can be used in subcategories A1 and A3 of open category. Unmanned aircraft whose mass is less than 250g can be used in A1 subcategory, unmanned aircraft whose mass is less than 25kg can be used in A3 subcategory. Unmanned aircraft whose weight is more than 25kg can be used in special category.