Just Culture Statement signed

Civil Aviation Agency director, Mr Dragan Djurovic, Executive Director of Montenegro Airlines AD, Mr Zivko Banjevic and Executive Director of Airports of Montenegro AD, Mr Danilo Orlandic, signed common Just Culture Statement on 10 July 2019 at the Civil Aviation Agency premises.

Signing of the Statement is the result of the initiative of the Civil Aviation Agency and it represents a support to the implementation of the provisions of the Rulebook on Reporting, Analysis and Follow-up of occurrences in Civil Aviation (“Official Gazette of Montenegro”, No 45/16), transposing the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EC) No 376/2014.

Although not legally binding, the Statement represents the acceptance and implementation of the Just Culture principle within the organizations signatories of the Statement. Air transport safety is of major importance to aviation entities, but it is also very important from the public aspect. Air transport safety is not only a regulatory requirement, each aviation entity is also obliged and responsible to maintain and improve the safety of air transport. The efficient occurrence reporting system contributes to the identification of the hazards that can have an impact on the safety of air transport, and the development of the Just Culture principle within the organization contributes to the positive climate of confidence between employees and governing bodies, thereby encouraging employees to report all identified hazards, system anomalies, etc.

This Statement establishes a set of key principles that organizations – signatories, will strive to implement in the context of their internal Just Culture rules.

Signing of the Statement represents another step in the implementation of the provisions of the State Safety Programme and demonstrates the commitment of organizations to the continuous improvement of safety of air transport.