Workshop – safety promotion and culture – paragliding activities

The Civil Aviation Agency organised the workshop on Safety promotion and culture – paragliding activities (23 and 24 March 2023).

The presenters engaged were distinguished pilots and instructors with years long experience in area of paragliding, Ivica Knežević and Zoran Petrović, as well as the inspector from the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency, Dario Tomašić.

More than 20 paraglider pilots had the knowledge refreshment on the first day of the workshop, namely from the following areas:

  • tandem paragliding – passengers preparation, regulations, equipment maintenance, dangerous situations,
  • equipment maintenance – technical inspections, service, inspection protocol,
  • jeopardising safety of paraglider flight, practical examples,
  • preparation for safe flight from the meteorological aspect, interpretation of Skew-T Log-P diagram and synoptic weather chart.

On the second day of the workshop in the Sports Center Budva, the re-packing of reserve parachutes to paraglider pilots took place, for the purpose of maintaining technical serviceability of equipment within legal framework.