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The Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, in cooperation with the European Commission, within Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument (TAIEX) organises Regional Workshop on Aeronautical Search and Rescue.

The workshop takes place in the period between 31 August and 02 September 2022 in Hotel Ramada, Podgorica.

The workshop objective is improvement of proficiency and provision of guidelines in accordance with the EU acquis, international regulations, standards and recommended practices of the ICAO and other organisations in the area of aeronautical search and rescue operations. Participants are provided with the opportunity to additionally improve their knowledge in the aspect of implementing the... OPŠIRNIJE

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Conclusions on further work are adopted

Meetings of the Regional Aeronautical Search and Rescue Advisory Committee

Podgorica – On 10 and 11 May, the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro organised meetings of Working Groups and Expert Team of the Regional Aeronautical Search and Rescue Advisory Committee – RASARAC in Podgorica.

The meetings were attended by the RASARAC representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro as the host State, special representative of EUROCONTROL for cooperation with RASARAC, while representatives from the Cyprus search and rescue centre in this area JRCC Larnaca joined via video... OPŠIRNIJE

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It is not a secret that there are aviation segments often invisible even to aviation professionals, operational staff. Today topic is one of such. For the details on what ECCAIRS is and its purpose, we are grateful to the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, and the particular details are described in the following text.

What is ECCAIRS?

European Co-... OPŠIRNIJE