2 years 8 months

The guidelines are prepared in accordance with the latest version of the document developed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Following of general prevention measures is of key importance.  

Recommended measures shall be regularly assessed and updated in accordance with changes of knowledge about risk of transmission, as well as in accordance with development of other diagnostic or preventive measures. 

Link to the document:
EASA COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol (v.3), that used as basis for this document... OPŠIRNIJE

2 years 8 months

The Director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro, Mr. Zoran Maksimovic, had a meeting with the Director of the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, Ms. Mirjana Cizmarov, on 21 October 2021.

The objective of this first official visit was to review the activities performed so far and to introduce future air transport projects. Having in mind good relations and mutual provision of assistance with the aviation authority of the Republic of Serbia, the main topic of the meeting was to take into consideration possibilities for improvement of further cooperation.

Apart from the abovementioned, the directors of the two countries’ aviation authorities also discussed about the coordinated acting at the... OPŠIRNIJE

2 years 10 months

The newly appointed Director of the Civil Aviation Agency is Mr. Zoran Maksimovic, Air Traffic and Transport Engineer, who was covering responsible positions in the aviation industry through his whole career.

He was appointed Director and replaced Mr. Dragan Djurovic who has been the head of the Agency since its establishment.

We wish our newly appointed Director luck in his work, and remain thankful to Mr. Djurovic for dedication and cooperation in the last 12 years.