Media announcement: Montenegro took over presidency of the RASARAC committee

Regional cooperation in the area of search and rescue in civil aviation

Podgorica – Montenegro took over from Bosnia and Herzegovina the presidency of Regional Aeronautical SAR Advisory Committee (RASARAC) in civil aviation. For that purpose, the meeting took place and participants were the representatives of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro and representatives of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation, as well as the special representative of the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) for cooperation with the RASARAC who attended the meeting via weblink.

At the meeting, joint activities up to now and plans for 2022 were taken into consideration.

Montenegro, as well as all Member States of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the most important civil aviation institution in the world, is obliged to organise and develop the consolidated system of search and rescue in civil aviation at the national level. For this reason, our membership and involvement in work of RASARAC so far provided contributions regarding standards and improvement of regional cooperation, as well as regarding practical training also outside of Montenegro, that in proper manner rise readiness of all entities responsible for search and rescue situations”, as stated by the Agency. 

During the holding of presidency of RASARAC committee, the intensive cooperation with other RASARAC Member States is anticipated, where the gatherings of expert teams are planned, as well as meeting of governing body at the level of Directors General for Civil Aviation of Member States. The most important objectives would be to improve aircraft search and rescue systems through raising level of competence and technical equipment of all entities that are key constituents of this system.

RASARAC was established in 2016, and presently 10 countries participate in its work (Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Czech Republic), and for now Greece expressed its interest to join.

Establishment of this board was supported by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the EUROCONTROL.

Objectives of RASARAC were, among other things, mutual cooperation and support of Member States, building and development of capacities in the area of aircraft search and rescue, improvement of cross-border cooperation, as well as support in implementation of ICAO standards, regulations and procedures in this area.

Montenegrin delegation in RASARAC is led by representatives of the Civil Aviation Agency, and other participants are from the Ministry of the Interior and the Administration for Maritime Safety and Port Management.

The most important entities in the system of search and rescue in case of aviation accidents are: Aircraft Helicopter Unit and Operational Communication Centre of the Ministry of the Interior, Administration for Maritime Safety and Port Management, Mountain Rescue Service, while there is a possibility of inclusion of human and technical resources of the Armed Forces of Montenegro that are highly competent for these situations.