The workshop from the area of Operational Air Traffic (OAT) was held in premises of the Civil Aviation Agency, on 26 July 2023. The workshop was organised in cooperation with the EUROCONTROL (The European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), within Support to States Programme for the EUROCONTROL Member States.

The EUROCONTROL experts with rich experience, Goran Redzepovic (Civil–military expert) and Olivier Mrowicki (Programme Manager ASM/ATS/ATFCM Procedures), were the lecturers at this very important and useful workshop.

Apart from representatives of the Civil Aviation Agency, the workshop was also participated by representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services SMATSA llc and National Investigation Commission of accidents and serious incidents of aircraft.

The workshop was organized with the objective to stimulate all the actors to enhance both internal processes and regulatory framework defining this matter, i.e. to enable discussion and exchange of opinion with recognised experts from this area, that will be of significance during development and/or implementation of the OAT rules by the competent institutions.

The workshop was also the opportunity for improvement of mutual cooperation between representatives of abovementioned institutions.