The 41st ICAO Assembly

The 41st Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is held every three years, is taking place in Montreal, Canada, in time period between 27 September and 07 October 2022, and it is attended by more than 3000 representatives from 193 ICAO member states.


ICAO is a United Nations specialised agency, established in 1944 to develop and modernise international aviation standards and recommendations, in order to ensure secure, efficient and governed development of aviation.


Montenegro became ICAO member state in 2007.


As a global forum for cooperation between states, ICAO sets standards for secure and safe development of international civil aviation. ICAO activities are based on accomplishing the vision of safe, secure and sustainable civil aviation development through the cooperation of its member states.


At the ICAO Assembly, pursuant to the decision of the Government, delegation of Montenegro shall consist of the head of delegation Ervin Ibrahimović, the Deputy Prime Minister for Regional Development and the Minister of Capital Investments, and the following delegation members: Admir Šahmanović, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Capital Investments, Milica Mićunović, the Head of the Directorate for Air Transport in the Ministry of Capital Investments, Zoran Maksimović, the Director of the Civil Aviation Agency, and Marijana Vukčević, the Senior Advisor for International Cooperation in the Civil Aviation Agency.


The President shall be elected during the first day of the session at the Assembly, and afterwards, the election of ICAO Council members and other bodies shall take place. The overall previous work of ICAO shall be reviewed at the Assembly from technical, economic, legal and other aspects, and it shall be followed by provided guidelines for future development of civil aviation.