266 drone operators registered in Montenegro

There are 266 operators of unmanned aircraft – drones registered in Montenegro, but the number of drones in use is significantly higher.

With the aim of introducing as many drone operators as possible in regulatory frameworks, the Civil Aviation Agency launched this year also the educational campaign on ways of safe drone operations. Through conducting of this campaign, the Agency insists on drone operators to respect the regulatory framework in the field of civil aviation in order not to endanger the safety of air transport and the persons and property on the ground.

The use of drones is experiencing real expansion, not only for the purpose of aerial recording, but they also prove to be very useful in controlling infrastructure, forests, agricultural goods, road traffic, etc. However, it is important that all those who operate drones comply with certain rules so as to avoid unwanted events, such as a collision of a drone with an aircraft or fall of a drone to the ground, which can endanger the lives of people and property,” the Agency explains.

Precisely in order to combat the illegal use of drones, the Civil Aviation Agency has signed the agreement with the Police administration. This agreement creates the conditions to perform more effective oversight measures of the use of drones by conducting joint activities.

It is important to emphasize once again the basic regulatory requirements placed before drone operators: All drone operators with a mass of more than half a kilogram, with a range of over 15 meters and height of over 10 meters, should be registered with the Agency. The registration of drones is free of charge.

On the other hand, the approval of the Agency for performing drone operations is only necessary when it comes to drones with a higher weight capacity and if they fly closer to urban areas or gatherings of people.

The Agency once again recalls the rules for safe drone operations:

  • It is absolutely forbidden to operate a drone at night and near airports, as well as to throw objects from the drone during the flight
  • Drone must be within the field of vision of the operator all the time and up to a maximum 500 meters of the horizontal distance and a maximum 150 meters above ground or water
  • Drone must not approach closer than 150 meters of gatherings of people and at a distance less than 30 meters from people, animals, objects, vehicles, vessels, other aircraft, roads, railways, transmission lines and similar objects.

In the event of the illegal use of drones, there is the possibility of fines and the initiation of court proceedings for violating public order and peace.

In order to combat the illegal use of drones, the Agency cooperates with other state bodies and institutions. It is our wish, through this cooperation, but also through the current educational campaign, to further emphasize the importance of safe drone operations, while not limiting the potential of growth and innovation in this growing industry,” the Agency concludes.