“ATM Cyber Security” workshop

ATM Cyber Security workshop was held in the premises of the Civil Aviation Agency of Montenegro in the period between 13 September and 15 September 2022.  The workshop was organised in cooperation with the EUROCONTROL (the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), within the EUROCONTROL programme Support to States.

Within the three-day workshop, many topics that referred to civil aviation security and cyber-security were presented, and the following should be noted:

condition and future development of cyber-security and protection in area of air traffic management (ATM) at the world and the European level;

cyber-threats in air transport with the civil aviation specificities;

Montenegro civil aviation security and cyber-security;

available instructions, guidelines and education in area of cyber-security of air traffic management;

guidelines for management of cyber-incidents;

cyber-protection of communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) infrastructure and CNS services;

conducting oversight of Montenegro civil aviation cyber-security, with particular focus on specificities in area of air traffic management (ATM);

EUROCONTROL services for cyber-protection (PKI, CERT, EATM-CERT and SOC);

RPAS security aspects.

The EUROCONTROL experts, Dr John Hird (Senior Expert for ATM Security), Timo Blunck (ATM/CNS Security Expert) and Szymon Loza (Cyber Security Specialist), were lecturers on this very important and useful workshop.


Apart from representatives of the Civil Aviation Agency and the EUROCONTROL, this workshop was participated by representatives of the following institutions and companies: the Ministry of Capital Investments of Montenegro, Directorate for Protection of Classified Data of Montenegro (National CS/CIRT), Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency SMATSA llc., Airports of Montenegro and ToMontenegro.


This event was also the opportunity to improve cooperation of all stated participants, both on national and international level.